Made in the Dark

Magners cider likes it with the lights off.

Magners Irish cider, the tale goes, tastes best when made in the dark. And apparently the staff at Magners are so accustomed to brewing in the dark, they can do just about anything with the lights off – from playing tennis to operating a chainsaw. If that last part makes you nervous, don’t worry. According to this spot by The Red Brick Road London, Magners has been brewing blind since 1935, so its employees all have the night vision of an owl. Still, while some things are better when done in the dark, we’d prefer to keep the lights on when getting our hair cut.


advertiser: Magners
agency: The Red Brick Road London
CD: Matt Davis, Richard Megson, Sam Cartmell
AD: Marc Donaldson, Jamie Bennett
production: Company Outsider
director Dom&Nic
editor: Struan Clay
editorial company: Final Cut
post production company: Framestore