Emirates connects

The airline taps StrawberryFrog to create a social movement.
12 04 05 United Emirates

It’s all about connecting people with the possibility of tomorrow in Emirates airline’s new social movement “Hello Tomorrow.” Created by New York-based StrawberryFrog, the current campaign looks to inspire people about “tomorrow’s unlimited potential.” In this spot, world travellers keep connecting with new people in a six-degrees-of-separation montage. We’re definitely inspired by “tomorrow” if it means a trip across the world. Of course, we’ll need someone to foot the bill. Any takers? No? We’ll keep daydreaming about tomorrow from our office then.


advertiser: Emirates
agency: StrawberryFrog
producer: Alex Nicholson
CCO, copywriter: Kevin McKeon, Scott Goodson
agency account manager: Eleni Sarlas
CD, copywriter, AD: Todd Beeby, Jason Koxvold
production company: Academy Films
director: Seb Edwards
production company producer: Simon Cooper
director of photography: Lasse Frank Johannssen
production assistant: bugs Hartley
editing house: Assembly Room
editor: Sam Rice Edwards
post production house: MCP
post production producer: Tim Phillips
music: Ant Food