Not myself today

Partners for Mental Health wants to know how you're feeling.

Newly launched organization Partners for Mental Health is trying to shed light on issues and stigma around mental health by engaging the public. With creative by Public and BLOK Design, the “Not Myself Today” campaign will pop up across the country, asking people if they’ve ever had a day where they feel “off.” The brightly coloured posters lead to, where visitors can take a pledge to improve mental health in Canada, share their own story or hear someone else’s. Since it’s the middle of the week, we’re feeling a little “blah” today, but don’t worry, we’re usually a happy bunch.


advertiser: Partners for Mental Health
agency: Public Inc.
creative: BLOK Design
CD: Marta Cutler and Vanessa Eckstein.
digital build: TheoryTank
media: Brook Leland, Jungle Media