Open road

Stivoro wants to help you quit smoking.

Netherlands-based Stivoro is encouraging  people to quit smoking by showing what you can buy with the money you’ll save – whether it’s a hefty supply of Jimmy Choos, a new motorcycle or a round-the-world plane ticket. Each image in this campaign by Amsterdam agency Iris is constructed using a year’s supply of cigarettes, to really drive the point home. We don’t know about you, but we’d totally go for the hog.




















advertiser: Stivoro
agency: Iris, Amsterdam, Netherlands
CD/ copywriter: Tom Ormes
AD: Glenn Doherty
copywriter: Axel van Weel
producer: Andrea Porcelli
account director: Mark Brounen
visual effects: Rolf van Slooten, Bas Siemons, Edwin Veer, Peter Witte