Tough talk

Tennis pro Milos Raonic gets schooled by kids.
12 04 04 Tennis

In its latest campaign, Tennis Canada pits Canadian tennis champ Milos Raonic against a seven-year-old tough-as-nails girl with an attitude problem. The spots, by Bensimon Byrne, will be supported by print, and aim to encourage kids under 12 to try tennis. But the way this little girl is talking, it sounds like she isn’t trying tennis, she’s already a pro.


advertiser: Tennis Canada
CEO: Michael Downey
manager, marketing & operations: Ben Makarenko
agency: Bensimon Byrne
CD / writer: Joseph Bonnici
AD: Gint Bruveris
producer: Michelle Pilling
account director: Mark Hewitt
production house: OPC
director: Jon Barber
executive producer: Harland Weiss
line producer: Paul Newman
DOP: Geoff Wallace
casting vancouver: Sean Milliken
post: Panic & Bob
editor: John Evans
assistant: Kate Beaucoupe
transfer: Notch – Jason
online: Panic & Bob
audio: Pirate Radio
director: Tom Eymundson
talent: Milos Raonic
little boy: Sean Kyer, Premier Talent
little girl: Dalia Bela, Premier Talent