Visa is there for hardcore NHL fans.
12 04 10 Visa

It’s NHL playoff madness time, which means plenty of cheering, jeering and late nights glued to the TV. Of course, not every team made the playoffs and Visa’s new spot, “Nazareth,” brings a new level of emotion to evaporated Stanley Cup dreams. The spot, by TBWA Toronto, takes us through what we assume are the normal stages of playoff grief (tears in the shower, shaved beards and buried giant finger mitts). Luckily Visa is there to save the day, whether it’s with three giant tubs of ice cream, or a free trip for 10 to the first game of the final. We’d probably take the ice cream.


advertiser: Visa Canada
agency: TBWA Toronto
CD: Allen Oke
copywriter/ACD: Jonathan Smith
AD/ACD: Rodger Eyre
agency broadcast producer: Nadya MacNeil
director: David Hicks
production company: Sons and Daughters
executive producer: Liane Thomas
line producer: Andrew Sulliman
director of photography: Alar Kivilo
editorial: Jon DeVries, School Editing
post production/FX: Sean Cochrane, The Vanity
music: Joey Serlin, Vapor Music
agency digital producer: Tasha Dean
director of marketing, Visa: Brenda Woods
account director: John Hughson