Purina Cat Chow celebrates bratty behaviour.
12 04 11 Cattitude

Some would argue that cats have an attitude problem. Nestle’s Purina Cat Chow dubs this “cattitude.” It promotes cattitude as the real reason people get cats. The two spots, by Lowe Roche, feature cats being cats: one rolls over clean clothes, declaring “My hair goes with everything,” and the other watches a ball of tin foil roll past, asking “Seriously?” Having owned cats (and loving their cattitude) we can assure you this is a spot-on representation.


advertiser: Nestle Purina Cat chow
agency: Lowe Roche
CD: JP Gravina and Simon Craig
Senior Brand Manager:  Katy Phillips
director, cat marketing: Christiane How
online: Amanda Belevedere, Christi Franceschini, The Marketing Core