Dramatic surprise

TNT brings the action to Belgium.
12 04 12 TNT

Sometimes in the doldrums of the everyday, we daydream about something dramatic taking shape. Espionage! Intrigue! Suspense! We’re pretty sure we aren’t alone in this. To promote its Belgium launch, TNT decided to bring a bit of flair to an otherwise boring square. Placing a giant button with a sign that reads “Push to add drama” in the middle of a square, passersby unable to resist temptation were treated to a live action showdown between a patient, paramedic, biker, football team, mobsters, police and scantily clad motorcyclist. The only thing missing was a massive explosion and a well-timed lens flare and this could have been a Michael Bay blockbuster.

client: TNT, Turner Broadcasting System Europe
agency: Duval Guillaume Modem
account team: Jana Vervoort, Marc Wellens
CD: Geoffrey Hantson, Katrien Bottez
copywriter: Dieter De Ridder
AD: Ad Van Ongeval
agency producer: Marc Van Buggenhout
prod company: Czar
director: Koen Mortier
executive producer: Eurydice Gysel
producers: Matthias Schellens, Birgit D’Hont
DOP: Norman Baert, Konrad Widelsk,  David Ramboer, Brian Moons, Wesley De Grie
editors: Manu Van Hove, Alain Dessauvage
sound design: Senjan Jansen
post production: Nozon