Draw a Beetle

Volkswagen tests your art skills.

Full disclosure: our art skills aren’t exactly up to par. So when we decided to try this new Norwegian website for the Volkswagen Beetle, by Oslo-based agency Try/Apt, we accidentally drew the bug backwards. The little sketched car then went on a journey (backwards) through a beautifully drawn storybook where we were asked to add key elements to the landscape. At the end of the saga, we think we killed the (backwards) car because apparently our parachute too closely resembled a jellyfish. Give yourself five minutes to try this site out. Totally worth the drawing practice.



advertiser: Volkswagen
agency:  Try/Apt
CD/AD: Thorbjorn Ruud
copywriter: Janne Brenda Lyso, Sigurd Solberg
developer:Edmundo Navasca Cruz Pål Smitt-Amundsen Alexander Pope Øyvind Nordhagen
illustration: Esra Røise
music/sound: Plan 8