Sexy cats

The Montreal SPCA wants to tame your pets.
12 05 02 cat

Due to a childhood filled with The Price is Right, the need to “spay and neuter your pet” is ingrained in our heads. However, many people probably didn’t have the same upbringing and need a reminder. This new spot for the Montreal SPCA stars a cat licking his paw. The spot, by Montreal-based Bos, makes the cat out to be  a “sexy” beast, proclaiming he’s fathered 321 offspring. The point, of course, is the owner’s irresponsibility. The entire commercial wouldn’t be nearly as effective, however, if it weren’t for the the slow ’70s-style music playing.


advertiser: SPCA
account services: Simon Essiambre
creative: Isabelle Giguère, Hugo Léger, Amy Maloney
director: Olivier Ménard
production: Bos
music: David Hodge, Finger Music – Brent Carter