Saving rear-ends

Colorectal Cancer Association puts butts in the line of fire.
12 05 09 saving butts

In this new spot for the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada by Ogilvy Montreal, people’s butts are on the line. A masked chainsaw-wielding mad man enters an office, and instead of scurrying away in fear, people watch as he hacks open a door. Luckily, one of those observers takes action, giving the spot a PG ending and tying the scenario to the cause.


advertiser: Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada
agency: Ogilvy Montreal
producer and director: Jonathan Bensimon, Visant  Le Guennec- Les Enfants
music: Apollo
animation: Philippe Chamberland- Vision Globale
sound design: Audio Z
photography: Louis Desjardins