Last drop

Heinz embraces the eternal ketchup struggle.
12 05 16 Heinz

Everyone knows the pain of trying to get that last drop of ketchup, which is next to impossible. Playing off that, this spot for Heinz Ketchup by John St. highlights the perils of trying to squeeze every last ounce out of the bottle. Or you can go the tried and tested route of forgetting what condiments are in the fridge, buying more, and winding up with three half-full containers.


advertiser: Heinz
agency: John St.
CDs: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic
copywriter: Kurt Mills
AD: Kyle Lamb
producer: Michelle Orlando
production company: Holiday Films
director: Cole Webley
executive producers: Josefina Nadurata, Derek Sewell
line producer: George Johnson
director of photography: Travis Cline
editorial: Panic & Bob
editor: Michelle Czukar
audio: Vapor Music