Pedigree’s choice

Moviegoers decide the fate of Buzz the dog.
12 05 18 pedigree

In this really emotional spot by New Zealand-based Colenso BBDO, the Pedigree Adoption Drive asked moviegoers to either buy a pair of yellow 3D glasses, or receive a free red pair. The choice determined the ad they saw – one an emotionally uplifting tale of a puppy rescued and placed with a happy loving home. The second…not so much. Start with the top video – then watch the bottom. Trust us.



advertiser: Pedigree Adoption Drive
agency: Colenso BBDO
creative chairman: Nick Worthington
CD: Levi Slavin
AD: Jae Morrison
CW: Levi Slavin
agency producer: Jen Storey
production company: Finch
producer: Phil Liefting
director: Nic Finlayson
EP: Rob Galluzzo
sound design: Franklin Rd.
creative technology: Emad Tahtouh
editor: David Coulson
music: Mushroom Records