Coffee news

The Gulf News puts headlines on sleeve cups.
12 05 23 tim hortons

UAE’s Gulf News and Y&R Dubai partnered with local Tim Hortons shops to increase readership, turn people into subscribers and increase social media followers. Since coffee and a paper go hand in hand, it makes sense to give news to prospective subscribers with their morning coffee. The news org’s twitter account, with the latest headlines, are printed on sleeves every hour. This is definitely a new way of engaging socially in an offline world. Anyone else notice how different Timmies cups look in the UAE?


advertiser: Gulf News
agency: Y&R, Dubai, UAE
CCO: Shahir Zag
CD/copywriter: Shahir Zag
CD/AD: Joseph Bihag
copywriter: William Mathovani
head of production: Amin Soltani
agency producer: Leng Panganiban
business director: Zaakesh Mulla
account director: Kandarp Baxi
technical developer: Pixel Plus Media
photographers: Mojtaba Komeili, Arturo D. Smith
editor: Subash Mishra