Feature film

Kokanee brews up a cinematic ad.
12 05 23 kokanee


In what is hailed as an advertising first, Kokanee and Grip have partnered to create a feature film to promote the Canadian brewery. The filming will begin this summer and folks can win chances to audition for the movie. It’ll be a buddy movie set in the Western Canada. Innovative yes. The trailer inviting folks to participate is over-the-top campy, and we sincerely hope the actual film doesn’t have quite so many … ahem … giant beavers.



advertiser: Kokanee (Labatt)
agency: Grip
CDs: Scott Dube, Randy Stein
copywriter: Ian Simpson
AD: Catherine Allen
interactive copywriter: Naeem Ghafari
interactive AD: Joel Holtby
designer: Andy Slater
account director: Martin McClorey
account coordinator: Brendon Sargent
producer: Laurie Maxwell
account coordinator: Brendon Sargent
production company: Sons and Daughters
director: David Hicks
editorial: Rooster
editor: Chris Parkins
audio: Pirate