Sour granny

Maynards plays on memes.

The internet is leaking! Maynards and The Hive created a sour granny meme – complete with scumbag-like text. For the uninformed, this is a spin on the advice animal memes, usually a floating head of an animal, making a bad pun, giving advice or engaging in general tom-foolery. The posters are plastered across Toronto, and while some are a bit of a miss (no one actually rewinds VHS anyways) most are dead on. Poor granny’s grandkids.


client:  Kraft Canada
brand manager:  Jessica Sheth
director of marketing:  Mackenzie Davidson
agency:  The Hive
CD: Simon Creet
AD:  Brad Van Schaik
copywriter: Klint Davies
account supervisor:  Daniel Langer-Hack
photographer:  Chris Buck