The Sevens

Secret Location wants you to give them a call.

The Sevens, a new interactive story from Secret Location follows young Julie as she learns she is a “Seven.” It’s a promotional puzzle, you see, inspired by a game Secret Location created in 2008. They accidentally left their number at the bottom of the screen, resulting in a massive amount of calls. Using this for inspiration, they created a game where, as you solve the puzzle, you can interact with the game over the phone. Very new-school old-school.


executive producer: James Milward
CD & lead designer: Pietro Gagliano
technical director: Ryan Andal
project manager: Ashlee Lougheed
AD: Stefan Grambart
graphic designer: Kai Salminen
editing & motion graphics: Steve Miller
assistant editor: Michael Kazanowski
web developers: Gino Fazari, Michael Phan, Paul Stodolak
music & sound design: Lodewijk Vos & Joseph Murray
written by: José Avelino Gilles Corbett Lourenço & Secret Location
directed by: José Avelino Gilles Corbett Lourenço
director of photography: Henry Less
assistant director: Billy Shand
line producer: Luke Bryant
assistant camera: Nick Giordano
gaffer: Dave Lewis
AD: Michael Leach
set dresser: Dylan Jackson
sound recordist: Edward Senkowski
hair & makeup: Margot Keith
wardrobe stylist: Sarah Millman
production assistant: Derek Modesto
Contributors: Adam Drake, Adam Park, Ann Marie Donnelly, CJ Hervey, Graham Budd, Jenn Hartnoll, Jory Krüspe, Josh Manricks, Kathryn Rawson, Noora Abu Eitah, Sabrina Saccoccio