White Doves

Young Empires personalizes with Facebook photos.
12 06 15 WHITE-DOVES_02

This new music video for Canadian music act Young Empires links up users’ Facebook page and pulls pictures from their photos and images, inserting them into the actual video. The video – with its really great song – follows a young couple running from a burning fire that chases them across a city. While the point of the video is to drive the pair to a wall full of images (replaced with the user’s face) it misses the mark when the pair run right past water and don’t take advantage of it. If you’re being chased by magical fire, you’d think you would go where fire can’t go…


Production company: OPC, Vision Film Co., Family Style
Executive Producers: Harland Weiss, Donovan Boden, Geoff McLean
Executive Producer/Line Producer: Liz Dussault
Director: Miles Jay
Digital Director: Derek Blais
Director of Photography: Max Chin
Art Directors: Zazu Myers, Drew Lint
Offline edit Relish Editing
Editor: Chris Murphy
Visual effects, online edit: 567vfx Inc.
Executive Producer: Lucy O’Neill
VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor: Patrick Coffey
Compositors: Justin Lee, Mike Moray, Rodney Dowd
CG Fire Simulation: Allan McKay
Tracking: Lev Bravo, Marcues Alqueres
Production Co-Ordinator: Gerard Goco
Digital design: Jam3
Creative Director: Adrian Bellina
Producer: Media Ridhan
Developer: Nick Poisson
Developer: Sunil John
Motion Tracking Animator: Guillaune Pageau
Sound: Apollo Studios
Producer: Didier Tovel
Assistant: Harry Knazan