Poor beaver

If only animals had Coleman Instant Tents.

Poor beavers, they spend so much of their time creating elaborate dams when they could be doing other things, like writing that screenplay about the hummingbird and blue jay (it’s a buddy comedy, obviously). Alas, they have no money, unlike humans who can go out and buy a Coleman Instant Tent, which opens in seconds so that you can spend the rest of your camping trip writing that screenplay about the abandoned summer camp (it’s a horror, obviously).


Agency: Y&R Toronto
ECD: Israel Diaz
ACD/Art Director: Lisa Mok
ACD/Writer: Matt Fraracci
Agency Producer: Diane Kirk
Agency Account SVP: Catherine Shand
Agency Account Executive: Sam Porter
Directors: Chris Gordaneer/Tom Nesbitt
Editor: School/Aaron Dark
Post: Alter Ego/Paul Binney
Transfer: Alter Ego/Wade Oldum
Music: Grayson Matthews