Jell-Oh face

A vending machine that dispense pudding goodness.
12 07 02 Jell-O-image

Vending machines dispensing pop is so passé. Now it’s all about finding ways of engaging people or dishing out unusual gifts. This latest machine, conceived by Draftfcb, popped up at Yonge-Dundas Square last week and handed out every kid’s favourite treat: Jell-O pudding. The catch was you had to give it your best “Jell-Oh” face. Your face was then blasted onto a 20-foot-high billboard. What if you’re having a bad hair day and don’t want the world to see? Guess that means no pudding for you.


Advertiser: Kraft – Jell-O
Agency: Draftfcb
CCO: Robin Heisey
VP Creative Group Head: Mark Fitzgerald
VP Creative Director: Pat Weir
AD: Braeden Laverty
Writer: Santiago Fernandez-Concha
Account director: Anabella Mandel
Account coordinator: Joline Christiani
Brand Team: Kraft Canada
Senior Brand Manager: Amy Rozinsky
Associate Brand Manager: Brenda Balcazar
Brand Assistant: David Catzman
Senior Promotions Manager: Joanna Milroy
PR & Social Media: Edelman Public Relations
Media: MediaVest
Strategy Manager: Amy Grove
Account Director: Mike Marcy