Bean stock

Samsung sprouts up as the winner.

At some point in elementary school, all kids are tasked with the difficult project of growing a bean sprout. Capitalizing on this knowledge, Samsung and Cheil put direct mailer recipients to the test with a small bean planted in a mini pot shaped like a fridge, with the question: “If fresh food could talk, what kind of fridge would it recommend?” If you watered it correctly and treated your bean the way you’re meant to, it would sprout up to reveal Samsung as the fridge of choice (written on the actual plant). This witchcraft is made possible by laser sketching apparently, and proves that yet another elementary school project turns out to have real-world applications.

Advertiser/Client:Samsung Canada
VP Marketing: Andrew Barrett
Senior manager: Nicole Patterson
Agency: Cheil Canada
PR Agency:North Strategic
ECD: Joe Musicco
Senior Copywriter: Jason Partridge
Senior AD:Donald Vann
Designer, studio and production manager: Joe Borges
Director of Client Services: Cory Smythe
Account Supervisor: Demetri Conias
Creative Resource Manager: Pat Rawluk
Director, Strategic Planning: Allison Humphries
Clockwork Productions Printer: Frank Turner