Not Milos

The tennis superstar was too busy for this commercial.
12 07 06 milos

With the Rogers Cup gearing up, poor Milos Raonic is too busy to star in his own commercials. Rogers, Tennis Canada, and Bensimon Byrne have found an appropriate replacement though: a half-deaf granny with a mean swing. The journos at the press conference aren’t buying it though. Don’t worry guys – the real Raonic will be present at the match…we hope anyways. That granny doesn’t look like she’d hold up well under this heat.


Advertiser: Tennis Canada
Agency: Bensimon Byrne
Chief Creative Officer: David Rosenberg
Creative Director: Joseph Bonnici
Art Director: Angie Bird
Writer: Jessie Sorell
Account Director: Mark Hewitt
Agency Producer: Michelle Pilling
Production Company: Sons & Daughters
Director: Angie Bird
Line Producer: Lisa Soloman
Executive Producer: Jeff Darragh
Music/Sound: Pirate
Director: Tom Eymundson
Engineer: Jared Kuemper
Post Production: Panic & Bob
Editor: John Evans
Online: Jason Hobbs
Talent: Steve Mann Casting
Actor: Jessica Booker
Actor: Garrett Jamieson