Booty break

Vichy gives women a treat.

Funnily enough, Montreal-based Agence Tuxedo has learned that images of scantily clad women with perfect bodies tend to appeal more to men than women. Shocker – we know – but this had some bearing on their decision for Vichy’s promotion of its cellulite line. If showing women’s rear-ends isn’t effective, how do you sell a rear-end cellulite cream? Booty Break is the solution. This website allows women to get a peak a perfect rear end…a male’s rear end. And then, best of all, you can make it dance. We’re sure there’s some gender issues out there, but it’s a seriously fun and funny website, so we’ll give it a pass.


Advertiser; Vichy
Agency: Agence Tuxedo
Concept developer and Creative Director, Ludwig Ciupka
Design: Pierre-Olivier Séguin
Strategy: Dominic Tremblay et Nancy Gendron
Brand Director: Nancy Gendron
Social Media Strategist: Rachelle Houde
Video editing: Jean-Michel Simard
Production: Tuxedo Agency
Programming and web integration: AVGS