Kitchen Aid assigns your colour.

Have you ever been told your “colour?” Are you a warm or cold colour? A pink, blue or yellow perhaps? We can’t actually tell you what knowing your “colour” will do for you, but this new online quiz by Kitchen Aid and Red Lions can tell you which of the brightly coloured appliance fit you best (and offers tasty looking recipes for each). Sadly, the quiz tells us we’re “grey” and “black” mixers… we’re not sure what that says about our personality. Oh well, we won’t mess with science.

Chief Creative Officer: Brett Channer
Digital Associate Creative: Nick Palmer
Art Director: Sarah Hamstra
Copywriter: Cate Lorimer
User-Experience: Joanne Tsianos
Brand Director: Christine Mcarthur
Account Supervisor: Mike Coulson
Clients: James Oh, Janice Ryder