A cappella dubstep

Mike Tompkins makes music with his mouth.
12 07 17

London, Ontario-based Mike Tompkins is something of a minor internet celeb. He made waves a year ago for singing Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” entirely a cappella. He did the guitar, the drums, the piano, everything – without the use of instruments. He says he can make any sound with his mouth. For his latest vid, he looked to the internet for suggestions – and apparently the internet wanted him to have a challenge: dubstep. So for this attempt, he covered a Skrillex/Santigold mashup. For each of his past projects, Tompkins avoided digitally altering his voice, and we’re pretty sure in this music video there had to have been at least a little bit of digital alteration – but we could be wrong. This is a man who can sound like a snare drum on demand, after all. All his other videos have a “how to” portion, and sadly this one doesn’t. Oh well: we’ll just have to be kept in the dark and enjoy the song. And because it’s kinda cool how he does it – check out a few of his other videos below.