Fake balcony

Immobilien spruces up drab apartments.

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up one morning to find a balcony where none existed before? That’s the idea behind the latest campaign by Immobilien Scout 24 and Leo Burnett Frankfurt. Immobilien – a property search engine – wanted to remind people they have other options to their drab or dreary apartments, so they lifted faux balconies onto exterior blocks. We can’t tell if people should be hurt that their buildings are being called ugly, impressed a balcony was hung while they slept, or inspired to grab a cocktail and a seat and enjoy their new addition.


Advertiser: Immobilien  Scout 24
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Frankfurt, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Paul
Creative Director: Hans-Juergen Kaemmerer
Copywriter: Konrad Ahlmeyer
Senior Art Director: Claudia Boeckler
Senior Copywriter: Florian Kroeber
Group Account Director: Thomas Schmidt
Project Manager: Shiwa Mehrmann
Model Making: Thomas Breen
Agency Producers: Angeles Romero-Martinez, Gabi Sanchez-Palacio