Friendly tweets

Todomoda lets BFFs finish each other's online sentences.
12 08 14 tweet

South American-based accessory chain Todomoda and Argentinean agency +Castro wanted to celebrate Friend Day (a South American holiday) by bringing friends together over Twitter. +Castro built a custom interface that allowed two people to share a tweet – one friend starts it, the other finishes. And only once both are done does it get posted to each timeline. Now the big question is: do you trust your friends to share your 140 characters?


Advertiser: Todomoda
Agency: +Castro/La Escuelita
Innovation Director: Nicolas Pimentel, Pedro Saleh
Planner/Creative Director: Esteban Minoyetti
Creative Team: Elisa Carli, Augusto Morreale, Miguel Angel Patino Castaneda, Pablo Maffezini
Project Leader: Sebastian Zuddio
Project Assistant: Florencia Arrizabalaga
Digital Strategy Director: Juan Riva
Technology Director: Agustin Mende
Digital Production Company: The Pasto
Advertiser Supervisor: Mariana Castelli, Carlos Castelli, Lucia Areosa