Dog days

The Humane Society wants to protect your pup.

The Toronto Humane Society and Rethink have partnered for a new campaign to protect puppies in the heat of summer. The commercial is heartbreaking as a puppy breaks free of his leash and almost gets hit by a car. But sadder still is the dog suffering in the back seat of a car. But don’t worry – Rethink and the THS have developed an app listing pet-friendly stores, and are also working on a collar that’ll sense when the dog is too warm. It looks like this “tail” has a happy ending (sorry, we had to go there).


Advertiser: Toronto Humane Society
Agency: Rethink
Creative Directors: Aaron Starkman, Dre Labre
Writers: Aaron Starkman, Mike Dubrick
Art Director: Joel Arbez
Digital Producer: Sarah Lasch