Everyone pass

TFC's captain Torsten Frings struggles to get a game of "pass."

The gentleman in the above video has twice played for Germany in FIFA’s World Cup. He’s also played for Bayern Munich, one of the biggest clubs in Europe. So he’s kind of a big deal, and as you can see from this video, he’s also kind of good. It would probably be amusing for many people around the world to see him standing forlornly in a Toronto GO Transit station, unsuccessfully seeking a game of “pass” as commuters rush by. Now, Torsten Frings not only plays soccer for Toronto FC, he captains the team. So we’re surprised commuters in Canada’s largest city don’t appear to know who he is. We’re unsure what exactly this video has to do with the #TFC12 PR initiative – which started yesterday and is meant to introduce good-doing people around the greater Toronto area – but it’s definitely good for a chuckle.


Advertiser: Toronto Football Club