Lifelike sketch

Got a big idea? Draw it out for Rethink.
12 08 21 idea

The way to our hearts is through stop-motion and live-paper videos. Seriously though, this new video by Rethink for its Langara scholarship and internship program is just adorable. The video features a poor little sketchbook that gets chopped up, drawn up, blown up and at times bled on in a creative’s (represented by muppet-like gloved hands) attempt to bring an idea to life. This tough little book would have done wonders at Tough Mudder this past weekend.


Agency: Rethink
Creative Director: Ian Grais, Chris Staples
Art Director: Jeff Harrison, Kim Ridgewell
Illustrator: Jeff Harrison, Kim Ridgewell, Lisa Nakamura, Sofia Pona, Morgan Tierney, Ken Malley, Mike Ridgewell
Director of Photography: Chris Nielsen
Music: Vapor Toronto
Director: Joey Serlin
Producer: Catharine Chesterman, Daniella Sorrentino
Account Manager: Ailsa Brown
Community Manager: Leah Gregg