Endangered outdoorsmen

Subaru thinks you should get out more.

Quiet now – we’ve got an endangered purple-vested hiker observing a beaked thing just beyond the hill. Subaru and DDB Toronto are encouraging people to get outside with this new tongue-in-cheek campaign for the Outback. It features two versions of wild posting popping up in urban centres. One highlights the endangered species of outdoor humans – including blue-fined snorkellers and spandexed pedallers, while the other features classic birds with I-can’t-remember-what-this-is-called names (such as, our personal favourite “Dolphin.”) If you can’t name at least three of these birds, you really should get outside.


Advertiser: Subaru Canada
Agency: DDB Toronto
Creative Director: Todd Mackie, Denise Rossetto
ACD:  David Ross, Paul Wallace
Copywriter: David Ross
Art Director: Paul Wallace
Account Team: Michael Davidson, Peter Brough, Julia Morris, Sarah Thornley, Lindy Scott
Print Producer: Rose-Ella Morrison
Photographer: Philip Rostron (Instil Productions)
Illustrator: Catherine Hamilton
Retoucher: Philip Rostron (Instil Productions) Jane Davies (DDB Adrules)
Avian Consultant: Paul Riss