Bling Bling

Loto-Quebec turns regular guys into rap stars.
12 08 29 loto

There’s nothing quite like seeing two men who look like suburban dads rock out to hip-hop beats. This new promo-cum-music-video for Loto-Quebec, by Montreal’s Lg2, features two French Vanilla Ice wannabes who rap about what they would do with $100 million. The video is reminiscent of the Barenaked Ladies’ “If I had a Million Dollars” mixed with The Lonely Island’s “Lazy Sunday” and relies heavily on auto-tune. But it’s a strangely catchy song. We’ll be “Bling Blinging” in our heads all day long.


Advertiser: Loto-Québec – Lynda Zuliani, Martine Adam, Zoé Doucet, Véronique Déry
Agency: Lg2
VP, CD: Marc Fortin
CD: Philippe Comeau, Marilou Aubin
Creative: Philippe Comeau, Jean-Christian Bizier, Éric Bouchard, Jean Landry
Strategy: Sabrina Côté
Account services: Claudia Joly, Sophie Labarre, Julie Dubé
Electonic production: Julie Lorazo
Director: Iouri Philippe Paillé