Spot the differences

Louis Vuitton plays a game.
12 08 29 vuitton

“Spot the differences” is a staple in old comic book and crossword books. Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton has decided to give it a digital update: U.K.-based White Lodge filmed two almost identical videos of a model getting ready in a room decked out in Vuitton, while a voice narrates an almost nonsensical poem by Yayoi Kusama. Viewers who can spot all the differences have a chance to win an illustrated version of the equally nonsensical Alice in Wonderland. While not as poignant as its last set of videos, the whimsy works for the high-end fashion co. But is it a bad thing that the only difference we can spot is that the subtitles aren’t English in one?


Advertiser: Louis Vuitton
Production Company: White Lodge
Concept / Director: Ehsan Bhatti
Executive Producer: Stephen Whelan
Producer: Louise Gagen
Production Design: Mikey Hollywood
Styling: Bay Garnett
Hair & Makeup: Katy Nixon
Model: Bip Ling