Maynards educates wine connoisseurs.
21 09 12 wine gums

Wine aficionados tend to know how to properly enjoy wine: first you swirl it, then you examine it, then you sniff it and finally you taste (well, that’s our educated guess for wine tasting. We’re more of the drink-it-all-back kind of folks.) To promote Wine Gums, Maynards and The Hive hit up a wine expo, bringing in the world’s first chewmelier (like a sommelier, but for candy) to teach people how to enjoy the gums. The best part of this video is the back-and-forth between the folks wandering around and the chew-master. Our favourite: “Are they actually made with wine?” “We treat them like they are.”


Advertiser: Maynards (Cadbury)
Agency: The Hive
CCO:  Simon Creet
ACD: Klint Davies
ACD: Brad Van Schaik
Producer: Sumit Ajwani
Account Supervisor:  Lauren Zigelstein
Account Director: Daniel Langer-Hack
Group Account Director:  Michelle Prowse