QR maze

Kraay farm grows the largest scanable code.

QR codes don’t have a lot going for them: they’re ugly, ungaingly and often poorly placed (why would you put a code in a subway, or at the bottom of your email signature?) But sometimes, you end up with really smart uses for a code (like VW’s crate QR code or a shadow QR code that only appears at certain times of day). And in some cases, you get a perfect fit – like when your product can BE the QR code. The Kraay Family Farm (just outside of Calgary) is a maze farm, and they decided to shape one maze into a giant, Guinness-World-Record-holding QR code. And while it’s only visible from a helicopter, it apparently actually works, bringing scanners to the farm’s website. And you thought scanning the code off a moving bus was hard.


Advertiser: Kraay Family Farm