They’re heeeeere

Screme Eggs are on the attack.
21 09 12 screme

This gruesome and grisly horror story pits poor innocent Creme Eggs against a mutinous strain of Screme Eggs. In classic horror style, some poor fool-of-an-Egg is wandering home alone late at night (in a cemetery no less!) before he’s (it’s?) attacked by a hoard of angry oozing eggs. Horror never looked so delicious.


Advertiser: Cadbury’s Creme Eggs
Agency: The Hive
CCO: Simon Creet
ACD: Paul Parolin, Jess Willis
Producer: Jennifer Cursio
Account Supervisor:  Lauren Zigelstein
Account Director: Daniel Langer-Hack
Group Account Director:  Michelle Prowse
Director: Saiman Chow
Production Company: Blacklist
Music: Apollo Studio