Internship rules

NABS takes Frank Palmer down a notch.
12 09 19 nabs

Everyone wants to meet a legend. If you’re in the rock ‘n roll business, it’s probably Paul McCartney. If you’re in fashion, you may want to meet Karl Lagerfeld. If you’re in Canadian advertising, Frank Palmer, chairman and CEO of DDB, is definitely the man of the hour. And what if you met him as your intern? Would you gush and ask for an autograph? No – you’d treat him like any other intern. At least that’s the idea behind the latest video by Zulu Alpha Kilo for the NABS intern auction: make Frank Palmer your b*tch. But remember, he’s only your intern for a day –  he could eventually be your boss (if he isn’t already). So we really (and we mean really) don’t recommend calling this man a b*tch.


Advertiser: NABS
clients: Jim Warrington, Mike Arlotto
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo
CD: Zak Mroueh
AD: Bhavik Gajjar
Writer: Nick Asik
Designer: Jenny Loung
Agency producer: Bette Minott
Account director: Chandler Powell
Production house: Partners Film
Director: Neil Tardio
Executive producer/producer: Gigi Realini
Cinematographer: Sean Valentini
Video post facility / editing company: Panic & Bob
Exec producer: Sam McLaren
Editor: John Evans
Asst. Editor: Kate Brascoupe
Transfer:  Jason Zukowski, Notch
Audio post facility/music house: Pirate
Audio director/sound design: Chris Tait
Producer: Taissa Callaghan
Engineer: Keith Ohman
Talent payment: Justin Kramer, Rebecca Torres; TPS