Applied Arts takeover

MacLaren McCann gets unlucky.

It was MacLaren’s lucky break when Applied Arts invited the Toronto agency to art direct its September issue. Well maybe luck had nothing to do with it. And to prove the point, the MacLaren team did all things unlucky, from the art to the page numbers (which all read 13 throughout the issue). It’s almost like they’re tempting the luck gods. So our advice for the MacLaren staffers – avoid breaking mirrors, getting crossed by black cats or stepping on cracks…. At least until the issue is off the shelves. Why risk it?

Advertiser: Applied Arts magazine
Agency: MacLaren McCann
CD: Sean Davison & Mike Halminen
AD: Matt Howe
Copywriter: Natalie Greenspan & Gary Lennox
Photographer: Mark Zibert
Executive Producer- JK Productions: Jooli Kim
Prop Builder:  Mike Sharpe
Creative Director of GD: Sarah Grundy
Graphic Designer: Cassie Scowcroft
Head Digital Artist: JP Goulet
Agency Producer: Julia Auriemma
Ideation: Sarah Deziel, Isabelle Santiago, Josh Hansen
Project Manager: Tiffany Punnett
Studio Manager: Steve Ferreira
Project Coordinator: Shirley Gee
Production Producer: Yael Young
1st AC: Chris Muir
Digital Tech/Assistant: Jeremiah La Pointe
Retouching: Katherine Lau, Gord Carruthers, Evelyne Goulet
Production Artist: Byron Yee
Location Scout :Dane Morrison
Production Assistants: Kenny Hughes , Todd Clancy, Drew Grav-Graham , Jason Hennessy, Dylan Hamm, Mike Palangio