Catvertising rises

John St., Loblaw and the WWF go feline.
12 09 21 norman

Meet Norman. He cares deeply about the environment. In fact, his entire existence appears to be geared towards keeping the world alive. This new spot by the WWF, Loblaw and John St. wants you to live like Norman, who if you haven’t guessed yet, is a cat. It looks like John St.’s Catvertising division is ready to start pumping out the hits.


Advertiser: WWF, Loblaw
Agency: John St.
Co-Creative Director & Partner: Stephen Jurisic & Angus Tucker
Art Director: Denver Eastman
Copywriter: Jacob Greer
Account Team: Melissa Tobenstein & Amelia MacGregor
Producer: Shawna McPeek
Production Partners: Aircastle Films, Will Beauchamp & Jamie Cussen
Sound Company: The Dark Studio, Grant Edmonds & Gabe Knox