Bright Barcelona

Moment Factory lights up the Sagrada Familia.
12 09 25 lights

The city of Barcelona invited Montreal’s Moment Factory to tech-out a classic landmark, the Sagrada Familia. The 15-minute light show is too complex to explain, but this two-minute video gives you a taste. We spotted a 3D waterfall, a lush forest-like scene, and some other cool tricked-out imagery. And at the end, feather-like key chains floated down on the watchers. We’d happily fly out to offer a first-hand account.


Advertiser: City of Barcelona
Agency: Moment Factory
Executive producer: √Čric Fournier
Producer: Johanna Marsal
Multimedia director: Nelson de Robles
Scriptwriter: Mareike Lenhart
Creative director: Sakchin Bessette
Technology director: Dominic Audet
Creative collaborators: Dominic Champagne and Brigitte Poupart
Original music: Anthony Rozankovic and Misteur Valaire
Lighting specialist: Dominic Lemieux
Original idea: Jacques Renaud (RENAUD – Architecture