3D island cities

Future cities may boast more than two dimensions.

Ok, so man-made floating cities that grow in three dimensions instead of the boring old two we’re comfortable with may be far-fetched. But they’re certainly cool to imagine. HavvAda is Dror Benshetrit’s idea for a man-made island city off the coast of Istanbul. “But how can a city exist in 3D?” you’re probably yelling at your computer screen. Well, as Benshetrit explains in the linked article, the buildings wrap around the domes horizontally rather than stretching vertically into the sky. “Instead of each being a selfish, independent building, all the buildings are supporting one another in both structure and infrastructure.”

We’re still not sure that what Benshetrit describes isn’t so much a three-dimensional city as a regular 2D one inside a giant mound of dirt, but we admire his ambition. Residents of floating-island-city would theoretically be able to get from any point A to point B within 12 minutes using a system of cable cars and walkways. Beats spending your morning commute crammed into subway cars on Toronto’s creaky Yonge line.