Watching the watchers

Predator Watch sees the dangers.

This new campaign for Children of the Street Society, by Cossette Vancouver, promotes its Predator Watch program – a partnership with B.C. police to catch and deter child predators. The campaign features bathroom postings with life-like looking cameras designed to freak out bathroom-goers, while an online banner ad featuring a 16-year-old girl invites folks to “connect.” When they do the user’s webcam places the person in the frame, with the text “If you’re thinking of hooking up with children, don’t. Undercover officers are online.” Creepy on so many levels.



Advertiser: Children of the Street Society
Agency: Cossette Vancouver
Account lead: Kate Chalmers
Account Team: Trevor Kouyoumjian
Creative Director: Michael Milardo, Nick Richards
Associate Creative Director/Art Directors: Lisa Lebedovich
Copywriters: Michael Milardo, Keri Zierler
Media: Bryan Mitten
Producer: April Haffenden
Production Artists: Rob Horsman