Bacon, Mushroom, Cheese

Wendy's tasty version of a classic game.

With this Facebook game, which sounds delicious, Wendy’s new version of Rock, Paper, Scissors is sure to make you salivate. Basically, Bacon beats Mushroom, Mushroom beats Cheese and Cheese beats Bacon (we fundamentally disagree with this system as everyone knows that in real life, bacon beats everything, but we digress). After users “like” the page, they can play for a chance to win a year’s worth of cheeseburgers. A tasty battle indeed.


Advertiser: Wendy’s
Agency: MacLaren McCann
VP, Group Creative Director: Dave Stubbs
Group Creative Director: Duncan Porter
Account Director: Sandra Avey
Account Executive: Auggie Senis
Strategic Planning Analyst: Zach Lieberman
Project Manager: Tia Tariq
Senior Information Architect: Dolan Gerrard
Developer: Kevin Englisch