Undeading lives

The Heart and Stroke Foundation wants you as fresh meat.
12 10 10 undead

Our complete and utter aversion (read: terror, fear, nightmarish-girly screams) towards all things zombies aside, it’s hard to look away from this new PSA for the Heart and Stroke Foundation by Agency59. It’s the apocalypse, and some poor lone survivor is running through a desolated, zombie-infested Toronto scared out of her mind. So scared, she drops dead of a heart attack. Of course, the zombies are there to help, calling 911  (really? In a Zombie-fied world, who would show?) and performing CPR, restoring her to the living. Or, as the zombies like to think of it, fresh meat.


Advertiser: Heart and Stroke Foundation
Agency: Agency59
CCO: Brian Howlett
CW: Ketan Manohar
AD: Naeem Walji
Agency Producer: Maggie Kelly
Account Director: Akiyo Hattori
Director: Vincenzo Natali
DOP: Jeremy Benning, C.S.C.
Production Company: Cartilage
Executive Producer: William Cranor
Producer: Matt Kloske
Visual Effects: Alter Ego
Editor: Graham Chisholm, Married to Giants
Music: Cyrille Aufort
Sound: RMW
Make-up effects: Caligari
Starring: Michelle Nolden

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