Lovestruck cat

A grim kitty tale from Toyota.
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Toyota and Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand have dipped their toes into the catvertising pool. With this new spot, you’ve got one lovestruck cat taking great risks to be with the object of his affection. But, his love is a Toyota. So enamored is he, that he takes suicidal risks just to be driven to the vet. Run over by a lawn-mower? Check. Attacked the neighbourhood dog? Check. Bowled over by the street cleaner? That seems to be the one that did him in. Except, don’t you know cats have nine lives?


Client: Toyota
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand
ECD: Antonio Navas
CD: Corey Chalmers, Guy Roberts
Creative: Sarah Litwin-Schmid
Creative: Emily Drake
GAD: Mark Cochrane
AD: Emma Guadagni
Prod. Co.: Goodoil
Director: Hamish Rothwell
Producer: Sam Long
DOP: Crichton Bone
Editor: Peter Sciberras
Online: Nigel Mortimer
Audio Post: Liquid Studios
Music Composition: Elliott Wheeler
Music Composition: Turning Studios
Audio Post: Liquid
Sound Engineer: Craig Matuschka