Annoying roommate

Telus enlists Richard Simmons to do some laundry.

Telus wants its customers to know that activation fees are history. So the brand presents us with something almost as annoying: Richard Simmons. Or more accurately, Richard Simmons as your new roommate ironing in the living room. (Actually, if memory serves, the appearances by Mr. Spandex on the David Letterman show were among the funniest things we remember from high school, but that’s beside the point.)


Agency: Taxi
ECD: Jordan Doucette
CD: James Sadler
AD: Vic Bath
CW: Rana Chatterjee
Exec. Producer: Steve Emmens
Acc. Manager: Elisabeth Asselin
Acc. Director: Amanda Power
Production Company: Soft Citizen
Director: Christopher Hutsul
Executive producers: Eva Preger & Link York Head of Production: Rob Burns