Just smile

Green Beaver offers a reason to bare your teeth.
12 10 31 toothpaste

We’ve all been there: that horrible moment where you’ve got a forced smile on your face while internally you struggle to keep your composure. That’s the idea behind Green Beaver’s new campaign, by Toronto-based Untitled Content. The toothpaste helps you smile “naturally,” the tag at the end says. We would never wish these scenarios on our worst enemies.

Advertiser: Green Beaver Toothpaste
Agency: Untitled Content, Toronto
Creative Directors: James Davis, Jamie Travis
Art Director: Daniel Del Toro
Copywriters: Adriana Leite, Ridley Yung
Production Company: Untitled Films, Toronto
Director: Jamie Travis
Director of Photography: Sean Valentini
Line Producer: Tom Evelyn
Editorial Company: Rooster
Editor: Paul Jutras
On-line: Mike Bishop, Track & Field
Color: Wade Odlum, Alter Ego
Music & Sound Design: Grayson Matthews