Bottled Pizza Hut

Pizza-scented joke.

Certain smells cling to you. Every time you leave a Tim Hortons, don’t you smell like coffee all day long? Well now you can smell like a pizza if you really want to. Pizza Hut and Grip are shipping out this unique eau de toilet to 100 people in time for the holidays. This would go great with bacon-flavoured shaving cream. If this thing is a hit – and who doesn’t want to smell like pizza? – just do us all a favour and don’t let Brad Pitt narrate the commercial.


Advertiser: Pizza Hut
Agency: Grip Limited
Account Manager: Bryden McDonald
Digital Strategist: Eric Vieira
Social Content Strategist: Curtis Westman (Pizza Hut) Patrick Tomasso (KFC)
Creative Team: Trevor Gourley & Julia Morra
Perfume maker: Aromachology