Battery-free toys

Flowerchild says to keep the batteries for yourself.
12 12 12 flowerchild

There is nothing wrong with your speakers. That buzzing is supposed to be there. If you haven’t already listened all the way through this video, this new radio spot for Flowerchild toy store by Target, is a little cheeky – as in 50 shades of cheek. Get your kids battery-free toys this Christmas season to keep them for your own toys – if you catch their drift.


Advertiser: Flowerchild
Agency: Target
Creative Director: Tom Murphy
Creative Group Head: Jenny Smith
Radio Writer: Terri Roberts
Print Writer: Alyssa Free
Art Director: Jessica Penney
Photography: Dejan Vuchichevic
Illustration: Dejan Vuchichevic, Arthur Kononuk
Production House: Keen
Director: Thomas Neuspiel