Ding Free

Credit Unions take us from sea to sea.

The Credit Unions of Canada and Dead Famous out of Vancouver want us to know that you can use ATMs from coast to coast without getting dinged with charges. You would think that stop-motion would get old in ads, but this video is still cute, and oh-so patriotic. Only complaint – the background song “This land is your Land,” is about as American as you can get. We’re sure Great Big Sea or Barenaked Ladies have something that would have worked.


Advertiser: Credit Unions of Canada
Advertising Agency: Dead Famous
Creative Directors: Mike Fiorentino, Michael Bryden, Chris Kostyal
Director: Shaun Lawless
Assistant Director: Scot Proudfoot
Animation: Hardedge Creative
Post Production: Bear Studios
Make-up and Hair: Jenn Kaminski